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Do You Need The Best Painters In Ballarat? We Specialise in Interior, Exterior, Commercial & Timber Maintenance

Our Team Specialises in all phases of painting that include, Interior, Exterior & Timber Maintenance

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Whether you have an interior or exterior painting job, we’re capable to satisfy all your domestic painting needs


Schools, small offices, restaurants are just to name a few, we handle a variety of commercial painting situations

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Other jobs include fence painting, timber maintenance and more

Things To Consider When Hiring a Ballarat Painter

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We Have One Of The Best Painters In Ballarat, Victoria

Granted, you could choose to paint the home yourself, but when you hire a painter in Ballarat to do it, you eliminate the burden on yourself. You will save both on time and money when you do this correctly. Nevertheless, the biggest challenge comes from finding a painter that you can trust. When you start searching, you could begin by looking for contractors through recommendations from people that you trust. Ask them to look over your home. In this way, they can provide you with an accurate estimate. Here at our painting company, we can provide you with that estimate for free, and most painting companies will do this.

As you look at each Ballarat painter, consider work experience and how long they have worked in the painting business. Write down any of the Ballarat painters that you would like to hire. Some of the things to consider with each painter that you might hire includes:
• Reputation
• Specialisation
• Estimate
• Process of prep work
• Credentials

Don’t trust companies that promise a fast turnaround time. You can’t rush good work because painting requires preparation and application without cut corners. In addition, be especially wary of companies that ask for money upfront. Never pay contractors upfront. While you could agree to pay in steps of completion, paying upfront has led to cases where the contractor takes the money and runs, leaving the job unfinished. We never want that to happen to you. You should also take the time to verify the credentials of the painter that you have chosen.

How Much Do Painters Charge Per Room In Ballarat?

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere approximately from $250 to $400 for the cost of labor & materials for each room. Generally the cost per room depends on how many rooms need painting, the more rooms, the better the price. Usually, a painter will charge you anywhere from $35 up to $45 per hour, depending on the painter. Keep in mind, cheaper isn’t always better. In some cases, you want to go with a healthy middle ground that isn’t too expensive and not too cheap either. Too cheap and there might be something shady going on. Too expensive and they may not live up to expectations.

What you get charged depends on the painting company, which is why you may want to get estimates from a couple of  Ballarat painting companies to decide on the best choice.

What Is The Difference Between Domestic And Commercial Painting In Ballarat?

You have a few differences between domestic and commercial painters in Ballarat that you want to be aware of. First, residential and commercial will both provide similar services. While a residential painter paints your in-home tasks with relative ease, the commercial painter will have more comfort with taking on some of the bigger tasks. Commercial painters work on larger scales, and they will usually offer other services like sandblasting, faux-finishing and epoxy flooring. Residential, on the other, does this on a smaller scale, and the residential jobs have become the main focus of their work. Residential painting can include, house painting, interior & exterior, fence painting, timber maintenance plus more.

How Long Does It Take To Paint The Exterior Of A House?

With a house of an average size, you can expect painting to take anywhere from three to four days to finish. This includes painting with a team of two or three people. You have to consider the size of the painting team because this will have an impact on how long the painting job takes. Typically, the painters will apply two coats of paint to the home.

Connect with Our Team To Find Out The Best Methods To Update The Colour Of A Room Or Exterior Of Your Home throughout Ballarat

Would you like to connect with a Ballarat painter? If so, why not speak with the professionals at Ballarat Painters? We can help you to update the colour of the rooms in your home, but we can also put a fresh, new look on the exterior of your home. Your home will look fresh and attractive. Our house painting services will boost the curb appeal of the home while helping to sell the home, if that is your intention.

Give Ballarat Painters A Call And Set Up Your Free Evaluation & Estimate throughout Ballarat & Surrounds

When you select our painting company, we will begin the process. The first step comes from doing a free evaluation of the home. We will send out a painter to evaluate the potential project, and we will give a written estimate of the costs. In this way, you can get a better idea for what this will cost you. After you have given us a call, we will begin the process so that you can start to work with us. We are your local Ballarat painter and we service surrounding areas such as Daylesford & Ballan.  If you’d like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to call us at Ballarat Painters. We can make that painting job much easier, and we will make your home look fantastic at the end.

Why have people chosen us? We can give you examples of our work. When we set out to do a painting job, we have the goal to make your home look phenomenal. We will settle for nothing less than the professional standard of quality. Our team of hardworking and experienced house painters will help your home to look fresh. We are also licensed, and we have liability insurance. That matters because if something goes wrong with your paint job, you want to know that you will be protected in the end

So if you’re looking for the best painters in Ballarat, look no further.

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